"The best medicine is to teach people how not to need it."

  • "I have just started treatments here and so far it’s been very good. Dr Phillips is knowledgeable in naturopathic medicine. We are working on improving my health and well being." [6 mo. later same patient] "Always a pleasure doing business with Dr. Phillips."
    Blue Spark Health Patient
  • "Dr. Carrie is an amazing naturopath who truly listens and cares for her patients. I have never experienced such amazing service or diligence into my health until I began seeing Dr. Carrie. She is a truly phenomenal expert in her field and I would recommend her services to all!"
    Blue Spark Health Patient
  • "Dr Phillips is smart, kind, compassionate, and extremely skillful!" [From same patient] "The therapy is really working! Dr Phillips continues to be smart and resourceful about approaching and solving multiple health issues. So grateful!"
    Blue Spark Health Patient
  • "You’re amazing! Thank you for all you do for your patients."
    Blue Spark Health Patient

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