Protecting Sacred Space

Any place we spend a great deal of time in or any place we plan to spend a great deal of time in will become imbued with our essence. When we invite others into our homes or our office space it too can become cluttered with energy that needs to be cleared from time to time to protect our sacred spaces. 

Have you ever walked into a room, building, or onto a plot of land and had an intuitive sense or “feeling” about it? Trying to permit a new property and hit roadblock after roadblock with the renovation process? Or have a feeling that something is not quite right or that the space feels really wonderful? Everything around us is made of energy. All places and spaces whether public or private, business or residence, and even land is a physical manifestation of the energy of the people, the animals, the events and circumstances (present and past) that occurred on or in the land or space including emotions, memories, and energetic beings that may still inhabit the space. This energy can impact you, shifting your energy, possibly in ways that are detrimental to you, your family, or friends. Space clearings are a great way to remove the old and rebalance so you can bring in the new, allowing you to create your own space the way you want it. After a space clearing your new space should feel lighter and cleaner, sleep can be more restful, electronics and appliances can work better, building process progresses forward, and others.


When To Have A Space Cleared

  • Anytime you move into a "new" home
  • Buying land
  • New office space
  • When your home suddenly feels "off"
  • A string of "bad luck" with your home
  • Difficulty with building process, hitting roadblocks
  • New baby arriving
  • After a housemate moves out or before one moves in
  • Transition times; death, birth, divorce, serious illness
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