When we experience emotional or physical trauma is can potentially result in soul loss or fragmentation as a protective mechanism. Soul, in this sense, refers to our essence, life force, or part of our vitality. Soul loss in the moment of the trauma is an essential survival tool when the experience is too difficult for us to withstand, process, or experience. We all suffer from some form of soul loss and we may even give away soul parts. However, over time, soul loss can result in any number of physical, emotional, or mental conditions or dis-ease when these parts of ourselves are not retrieved we may feel lost, disconnected or dissociated. Anytime we give part of ourselves to another it becomes a burden to them and a loss for us.
Soul retrievals are the process of reuniting our lost essence(s) with who we are today to impart greater integrity and wholeness to one’s being.
Dr. Phillips is an incredible intuit. I have received several healings from her and they each were distinctly profound. When I started working with Blue Spark Health, I was new to using these healing modalities. She immediately made me feel comfortable and safe. She shares her knowledge and gift in the most relatable way. The healings helped me to resolve and mend some issues I had interpersonally and heal things I was unaware needed healing. I’ve done soul retrievals and cord cuttings. The ‘coincidences’ and relief I experienced proved to be very real for me mentally, spiritually, and even physically. Dr. Carrie’s gift is incredible really. She was the conduit for me in a way that I never knew was even possible. I highly recommend her treatments! I have had some in person and some virtually. Virtually was just as helpful. It’s incredible to experience this all for yourself. The connection and healing can be life changing. Do not hesitate. I was blown away by her charisma and abilities as well!
T. F
Blue Spark Health Client

Symptoms Of Soul Loss

  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Unresolved grief
  • Problems in relationships
  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Feeling empty or disconnected
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