Soul Guide

A psychopomp is a guide, whose function is to escort souls to the afterlife. The term originates from the Greek words pompos (conductor or guide) and psyche (breath, life, soul, or mind). In working with my helping guides a ceremony is performed to help the remaining essence of someone who has passed to cross over into the Light. When those who have died, even family members linger they can attach to the living due to confusion, remorse, or strong regret over their life and/or death and feel compelled to share a message with a loved one before crossing. Stories of psychopomps are widespread throughout mythological tales, religious texts, sacred narratives, and real-life stories of people and healers around the world. 

Psychopomp work might be a good fit for you or a loved one if you have experienced:
- History of suicide
- History of overdose
- Sudden or traumatic death
- Abortion
- Terminally ill

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