Milestone Ceremonies & Blessings

What's It All About?

Watch the video to learn what Milestone Ceremonies & Blessings are from Dr. Carrie!

Newborn Blessing

We’re all familiar with newborn exams, as a Naturopathic physician I am trained in the conventional newborn exam, however, my preference is to incorporate a spiritual honoring of the new baby as well by pairing it with a blessing following the exam. During the blessing I invite the new parents and sibling(s) to a sacred honoring of the new baby in a special dedication to welcome baby earthbound. The transition of a child into the physical world can be quite eventful sometimes peaceful and even stressful. This blessing acts to rebalance and acclimate baby to its new surroundings involving guidance to the new parents and power animal retrieval for the new baby.
"Dr. Carrie is wonderful. I can not say enough nice things about her. The day after I left the hospital with my newborn, she came to my house and did the newborn assessment and also performed a baby blessing. She is very thorough with each exam and she will give you all the time you need. She does not pressure you with any medical decisions”.
Blue Spark Health Client

Learning To Walk Earthbound

As infants grow and develop inevitably there comes a time at which they crawl and eventually walk upright on their two feet. In watching this simple rite of passage with my own children, I felt compelled to create a formal ceremony to honor this development. In this process we honor your child and this phase of life fostering their abilities with their feet now on the earth in the healthiest way on their path forward.


There are a few times in our lives that have great impact on us and our family as a whole. Often referred to as the “rollercoaster” years for good reason! Through this process we welcome transition into the formative years to offer loving guidance and support to parents and teenagers. The evolution of their physical bodies deserves to be honored in a delicate way so they too are proud to walk through this next phase in life. Honoring adolescence at any time during this phase is beneficial, but we're not limited to this transition time, one might feel the need for this during a particularly difficult time in life.


Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing. The practices and tools learned are used to move through an altered state of consciousness with the help of spirit guides to bring forward whatever a person needs at that time. This last and final phase of transition to honor the passage into adulthood at or around age 18. Beginning with an energetic cleansing using traditional dried plants. Followed by obtaining information on the healing needed physically or emotionally, personal power or other important information needed to create healthy direction forward.
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