Energetic Cords

A cord cutting is a ceremony steeped in deep tradition. It was developed as a treatment for us as energetic beings because we can form energetic cords with other people, places and even objects. These are in fact normal as they help us to bond and connect with one another. They are even ideal for a parent/child and our intimate partners. Cords happen while we engage with others all the time – we can cord a neighbor or a best friend and when the encounter ends, we disconnect however, oftentimes this necessary disconnection does not happen. And the “permanent” cording becomes toxic to the point where we feel others’ emotions so deeply that can cannot discern which are our own and begin to drain our overall vitality and they need to be removed. In ceremony you are guided through cord removal kindly and compassionately with permission and in alignment with the New Moon or Full Moon restoring balance and wholeness to your energetic system.
*Archangel Michael

Who To Cut Cords With

  • Ex - intimate partner OR current partner
  • Unhealthy parent/child relationship or when the child becomes an adult
  • Neighbor
  • Boss
  • Coworker
  • Employee
  • Broken friendship
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