Dr. Carrie Phillips, ND


Julia McDonald, Nutrition and Mental Health Consultant

Meet Dr. Phillips, a proud Wisconsinite with a passion for unconventional medicine. She discovered the wonders of Naturopathic Medicine while in college and knew she had found her calling. Her family’s nursing legacy inspired her to help others, but she wanted to do it in her own unique way.

As your physician, Dr. Phillips will help you discover your true self by tapping into the needs of your body and psyche. She’ll be your teammate, working together to find effective, customized care that will make you feel your best.

Dr. Phillips is a proud graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle and has advanced certifications from the Naturopathic Medicine Institute, the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, and Upledger Institute International. She’s also a graduate of Northwest Healing and Intuitive Arts, which taught her ancient indigenous healing techniques for spiritual guidance and development, including Shamanic Medicine.

Her approach to healthcare is all about treating the whole person. She combines gentle therapies like homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy, and Shamanic energy healing to promote healing and wellness for everyone - from kids to adults to entire families and communities. She believes that a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and a positive sense of self are all the best forms of natural medicine.

Dr. Phillips uses Shamanic Medicine as a tool to connect with the spirit world, accessing ancient wisdom and guidance for her patients. She believes that Shamanic practices can provide a deeper understanding of the root causes of illness and help facilitate healing on the much needed spiritual level.

But don’t let all that talk of medicine fool you - Dr. Phillips is a people person at heart. She believes that building a strong relationship with her patients is the key to effective treatment. With her warm and friendly demeanor, you’ll feel right at home in her care. So come on in, kick off your shoes, and let's get you feeling your best!

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Julia McDonald, Nutrition & Mental Health Consultant

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Julia was born and raised in the Far East of Russia, where she got her first Master Degree in Engineering. During her school years she became interested in Natural Medicine due to her own health issues. As she was doing her research in this field, she had become fascinated with the connection between the mind and the body. After moving to the USA in 2005, she was very excited to find Bastyr University as it was offering a Masters in Nutrition and Health Psychology program which emphasized the very topic of her interest. She graduated from Bastyr in 2015 with both a Masters in Nutrition and Psychology. However this program has become just a foundation for further studies and deeper research. While at Bastyr, she joined Pacific Yoga Teacher training where she got her certificate in Yoga teaching, and is now finishing up her studying at the American Institute for Vedic Studies with the focus on Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. She continuously takes classes in Theology, Vedic Philosophy, Slavic Healing traditions, Psychosomatics and Shamanism from a variety of schools.

Julia’s Practice
Julia sees clients with variety of issues – mental, physical or both. She also works with families and children of all ages. Her approach is different in each case and combines the knowledge of evidence based nutrition and psychology with the more ancient (and more in-depth!) approach that emphasizes not only the body but sees a person as a Union of Body, Soul and Spirit. 

• MS in Civil Engineering (Russia)
• MS in Nutrition (Bastyr University)
• MS in Health Psychology (Bastyr University)
Certified in:
• Yoga Teaching;
• GAPS (Guts and Psychology Syndrome) program;
• Ayurvedic counselor;
• Vedic Astrology (in progress)

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