Dr. Carrie In The News!

 Dr. Phillips was born and raised in the heartland of America – Wisconsin. She was introduced to Naturopathic Medicine during her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Stout while seeking alternative medicine treatments for common ailments. She comes from a long line of nursing professionals and felt called to help others as well. However, seeking an unconventional way of practice and choosing to adopt a vitalistic paradigm that examines and pursues to find the origin of your health difficulties. Her objective as your physician is to allow you to discover who you really are by understanding your body and psyche’s needs so both are satisfied in a healthier way. With a goal of supporting you as an individual in both relieving your symptoms and healing your body with effective, customized care. Dr. Phillips is a graduate of the est-eemed Bastyr University located in Seattle earning a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. During medical school she pursued certificates in advanced training through the Naturopathic Medicine Institute, The Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, Carroll Institute of Natural Healing, and Upledger Institute International. She is also a graduate of Northwest Healing and Intuitive Arts – an educational based organization providing spiritual guidance and spiritual development through the practice of ancient, indigenous healing techniques. 

Her primary area of expertise is whole person-centered care and a unique approach to engender global change in all spheres of one’s health. She maintains the best healing occurs through a holistic and integrative approach by combining gentle therapies like homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, botanical medicine, and shamanic healing all of which work well with people of all walks of life including youth, adults, families and communities. She embraces a mind-body-spirit philosophy in her practice. And a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet combined with a positive sense of self, work favorably for your body as a form of natural medicine.

In addition to promoting a holistic and integrative approach, Dr. Phillips strives to create a relationship with you based upon trust and respect. You and she become a team, working together to recognize and grow your strengths while developing a healthier lifestyle.
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